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How Rayne Found Her Pawradise.


Rayne is our inspiration for “Find Your Pawradise.” One day the family that she’d been living with decided they no longer wanted a big, energetic, fun-loving dog. So, they crammed her into a tiny crate and among old dishes, clothes, and other junk — had a garage sale. But fortunately, she found a loving home on a beautiful island and quickly began to thrive! Running in her backyard, walking on the beach, or snuggling on the couch — Rayne always found joy. She always found pawradise!

Today, thanks to Rayne, we believe pawradise is a state of supreme happiness, joy, and bliss — and be you four legged or two legged, finding your pawradise is about the best feeling in the world! We invite you to find your pawradise, whatever or wherever that may be. Find it, live it and share it!

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Find Your Pawradise | Pet Paradise & Dog Island Apparel on Sanibel
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We discovered through our pets that wherever you find your state of happiness, joy and bliss — you’ll “Find Your Pawradise.” A portion of every purchase is shared with pet transport charities.